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Korea Trip 2004 ~ Banquet & Demonstration

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Banquet and Demonstration Picture Gallery

The Hwa Rang Do Korea Trip started off with a big bang! This special evening took place the first night participants arrived in Korea. Even after the long flights everyone was ready to go and kick things off right. This marked one of the largest banquets and demonstrations of Hwa Rang Do in Korea in recent times. Along with the many participants of the Trip from North America and Europe, there were a number of Korean practitioners, guests, and special dignitaries in attendance. The evening included a number of speeches highlighting the development of Hwa Rang Do since its founding in 1960 as well as remarks about the Hwarang spirit and its ability to traverse the globe and its different peoples. Keynote speeches were made by Dojoonim and Master YongSuk Kim, among others.

After the inspirational speeches the audience was ready for action, and they were treated to a special demonstration from Hwa Rang Do practitioners from all over the world. Members from Korea, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Italy put on a show to remember. Demonstrations included forms, self-defense, weaponry, full contact, and grappling. All in all, it was a wonderful demonstration of the comprehensive nature of the Hwa Rang Do curriculum as bodies were thrown across the floor, and locked into submission.

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