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Korea Trip 2004 ~ Day 6: August 25th

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Day 6 Picture Gallery

The whirlwind tour of Korea Continued on day 6 up the west coast of the mainland peninsula. This is the historic land of the Packche kingdom.One of the first stops was the site of Nakhwaam where 3,000 women jumped off the cliffs demonstrating loyalty to their king when he was defeated.

Another stop occurred related to General Kim and that was his birthplace. The birthplace of the famous warrior is still respected today, as even the governor of the province came to pay respects with the present generation of Hwarang.

That night felt us a little out in the country side. The mountain cottage dinner was very pleasant, and the stars and air were breath taking. We also got to experience traditional Korean style sleeping, on the matted floor. A new Korean word was learned - ShiGwual!


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