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Korea Trip 2004 ~ Day 3: August 22nd

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Day 3 Picture Gallery

Talk about nice hotels! Throughout all the traveling, the accommodations the group stayed in were tremendous. Most people haven't been in so many 5 star hotels in their life, let along a two week period. Everyone is learning how to organize for group pictures, and soon we hit the road again.

It was nice to get a break along the east coast of Korea. The ocean view was great and so were the waves as some people found out when they crashed across the shoreline! For excitement on the road one bus broke out the tour microphone for some signing action. Once again the Midwest black sash favorite "Sweet Caroline" was sung for the group. We also don't want to forget Grandmaster Yum - what a voice!

With stops at another temple grounds and a ancient estate complex everyone learned more insight about life in Korea during the past. There was also a stop that day at the Wolsongjong Pavilion, a place where ancient Hwarang warriors came to train and meditate. It was neat to hear of the stories of these ancient warriors practicing their obstacle kicking through the trees.

The natural beauty of Korea also began to make a strong impression on everyone. The unique flowers, vegetation, bug life, air, trees, mountain rivers, and landscapes sure left an inspirational and breath taking mark.


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