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Korea Trip 2004 ~ Day 7: August 26th

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Day 6 Picture Gallery

The group was on its way back to Seoul before heading back home. But an important stop was made, and that was the Korean Independence Hall. This museum highlighted the entire history and development of the Korean people and nation from the Kochosun period, to the 3 kingdoms, Chosun dynasty, the Japanese occupation, and the start of the modern Korean era. The artifacts, pictures, statues, and information left us full of insight into the Korean history and its impact on the people of the land.

There was another stop at a traditional village to see what life was like in a the bustling community of old. And finally the Korean War museum which presented the history of major battles and events that occurred on the peninsula. Its no wonder the Koreans are known as the indomitable people. A small sized nation, but extremely fierce to withstand the many attacks over the past 2,000 years.



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