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Korea Trip 2004 ~ Day 2: August 21st

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Day 2 Picture Gallery

The second day of the trip started off nice getting out onto the road. Especially as the tour was headed to Oh Dae Mountain! This was one of the natural highlights of the trip, as this was the place where Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his brother learned the Hwarang skills from their master Suahm Dosa. This is a place of legend for the present generation of practitioners, and the real treat was taking time to train in the mountain clearing and meditate along one of the mountain rivers, just as the brothers did with their master 50 years ago.

As Dojoonim said, present day Oh Dae Mountain has changed significantly since the days of his youth, as now there are quite a few more Buddhist temples. Woljeongsa temple now takes up much of the grounds covering a large section of the mountain. We also shouldn't forget the magical spring water that bubble forth high up the mountain. Did drinking the water work for you?

It was very memorable day for everyone. After 40 years a group of Hwarang returned to a historic training ground.


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