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Hwa Rang Do®: Concentration Power For Martial Artists – Ki power, Korean bushido code and a martial arts technique potpourri unite in hwarangdo

(Black Belt Magazine January 1977) by Paul William Kroll Photo caption: “COME ALONG AS A GOOD FELLA’.” Joo Bang Lee demonstrates a simple technique for crowd control. A few fingers can control the movements of a large person. Lee has trained special forces in Korea to be able to control […]

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Grandmaster Taejoon Lee & New Fighting Sport Featured in July/August Issue of Black Belt Magazine!

The World Hwa Rang Do Association is very proud and excited to announce this month’s cover of Black Belt Magazine features Grandmaster Taejoon Lee introducing Yongtoogi! Eight year’s ago, Grandmaster introduced ‘Defend Takedown Submit’ as Hwa Rang Do’s fight plan for self-defense, law enforcement and military application through the publication […]

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