Hwa Rang Do is one of the most complete martial arts in existence, and our tournament format is already the world’s only martial arts decathlon, highlighting the many aspects of our art. And just when you thought our tournament couldn’t get anymore comprehensive… think again!

Hwa Rang Do had a rich history of dominating free style demonstration competitions cross the USA and Europe during the 80’s and 90’s, being the first martial art to incorporate eye popping acrobatics and gymnastics maneuvers in our demos and it is now time to once again show the world what we can do!

This year at the 2016 World Hwa Rang Do Championships in Tuscany, Italy will feature a NEW DEMONSTRATION division giving our members an opportunity to combine their technical martial arts expertise with their untapped creativity.

This division will allow participants to create their own performance featuring skills and components of their choosing. This division can be a performance of just one person, or feature a group.

The demonstration can be of creative forms, techniques, weapon fighting, or any other type of material choreographed in an exciting and technical manner.

Here are the details of our new division and rules!


There will be 3 divisions available for participation:

  1. Junior – Color Belt & Sashes
  2. Teen & Adult – Color Belt & Sashes
  3. Hwa Rang Do Black Sashes


  1. Demonstration can involve any number of people
  2. Performance time may not exceed 2 minutes for color belt/sashes and 3 minutes for Black Sash (If
    performing technique demonstration). All creative forms must remain under 2 minutes for all levels.
    Time can be less that limit without any penalty.
  3. Music is allowed, but is optional. Music must be approved by host event senior judges and digital
    source file submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the day of performance. Must NOT include profanity
    or offensive material. Host event will provide sound system and method of playing mp3 file types.
  4. Demonstration subject matter can be any type of Hwa Rang Do material. Possibilities include:

    a. Creative Open Hand Forms or Weapon Forms
    b. Creative and/or Synchronized Group Forms
    c. Effective Self-Defense Scenario
    d. Choreographed Fighting Scenario – Open Hand, Weapons, Mixed Open Hand & Weapon,
    Grappling, Sparring type of Demonstration
    e. NO Breaking or Ki Power demonstrations are allowed
  5. Gymnastic & Acrobatics Requirement. At least 3 (three) gymnastic or acrobatic or tricking elements
    must be included. However, these elements must be related to and be a component of martial art technique. These movements cannot be simple gymnastic tumbling passes. If fighting scenario demonstration, the acrobatic requirement can be met by trick nakbop components of fall partner as well as by various movements of lead performer.


    Performances will be judged based on 3 categories. Each category will be scored on a 1 through 10 point system, and then the points scored from all 3 categories will be added together for the total score. Whichever individual or group receives highest total score wins. Categories are:

    a. Technical = how cleanly and effectively are the movements executed
    b. Difficulty = how advanced are the movements relative to one’s rank and one’s competitors
    c. Spirit = how much showmanship, energy, and martial spirit is expressed

2016 Tournament and Conference Registration Will Open First Week of March!

We wish our warriors good luck and look forward to enjoying your performances.

The sky is the limit!

Be creative and explore the possibilities of your martial skills!

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee
Kuksanim / WHRDA President

Click Here to Download PDF Copy of Rules

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