The World Hwa Rang Do Association is very proud and excited to announce this month’s cover of Black Belt Magazine features Grandmaster Taejoon Lee introducing Yongtoogi!

Eight year’s ago, Grandmaster introduced ‘Defend Takedown Submit’ as Hwa Rang Do’s fight plan for self-defense, law enforcement and military application through the publication of his book, ‘Hwa Rang Do: Defend Takedown Submit’ and his 2006 cover on Black Belt Magazine.

This month, in the July/August issue of Black Belt magazine, Grandmaster Lee is once again on the cover, picking up where he left off 8 years ago, this time introducing Hwa Rang Do’s new sport, Yongtoogi, which provides practitioners an opportunity to practice the principles of his self-defense strategy in live competition!

Taejoon Lee Black Belt Cover

The article, written by Fernando Ceballos, tells the history of Hwa Rang Do’s participation in martial arts competition since the 1970’s thru the 1990’s with Hwa Rang Do Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee and Grandmaster Taejoon Lee deciding that the best thing for the arts’s practitioners and the growth of Hwa Rang Do would be to develop its own tournament format!

This leading the the 10-event Decathlon of Hwa Rang Do, which includes open hand forms, weapon forms, submission grappling, point sparring, 3 divisions in sword fighting, 3 divisions of stick fighting and now an 11th event for Advanced practitioners called, Yongtoogi.

The Yongtoogi tutorials accompanying the article, shows Grandmaster Taejoon demonstrating 3 sequences of the ‘Defend Takedown Submit’ fight strategy ending in knee compression, rear choke and an incredible flying neck scissor!

We encourage all Tae Soo Do students, Hwa Rang Do students and practitioners of all arts to go pick up their copy today at news stands across the nation to support Grandmaster Lee & our friends at Black Belt Magazine! (Click here for a sneak peek at

Yongtoogi protective gear, required for competition, may also be purchased here at a reduced cost for a limited time.

We also welcome all martial artists to participate in next month’s ‘Defend Takedown Submit’ seminars, taking place in Los Angeles at the Hwa Rang Do West LA Academy on Aug 16th from 10am – 5pm. Events will include an autograph signing with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, immediately following the day’s events.

Online Registration will be made available on on Monday, July 21st, but if you’d like to reserve your seat ahead of time, please contact our event coordinator at for details and pricing information.

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