"The Most Comprehensive Martial Art In The World"

Hwa Rang Do® "The Way of the Flowering Knights" is a Warrior Art which encompasses all facets of combat as well as the cultivation of the individual to maximize their human potential mentally, physically, and emotionally, empowering oneself to become strong leaders to live fulfilling lives of value and purpose  by bettering and serving others, protecting our liberties, fighting for freedom, seeking and standing for Truth .

The Martial Practice is only a means for improving, enhancing and enriching the human experience to live life without fear nor retreat from the inevitable hardships and challenges of LIFE with the Ultimate Goal of harmony, peace, humility and surrendering to the Truth.


"Conquering others is strong; Conquering Oneself is Mighty."

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Hwa Rang Do®

"The Way of the Flowering Knights"

The Graduate Program

Hwa Rang Do is an 1800 year old Korean Martial and Healing Arts system.  Its theory is based on the Um-Yang principle, which states that all things within nature possess equal opposites and the state of balance of these opposing forces creates Harmony in one’s life.  It is the most comprehensive martial art system in the world, existing today.  It is a balance of both soft/circular principles and hard/linear principles of movement in four divisions.

The Four Divisions of Hwa Rang Do®

Nae Gong

Internal Power

Development of Ki power, internal energy through both passive and active Ki power development exercises.

Wae Gong

External Power
The practice of the physical techniques, which is comprised of over 4,000 techniques both offensive and defensive ranging in all areas of combat: striking, joint-manipulation, takedowns, throws, pressure points, grappling, ground fighting, etc.

Shin Gong

Mental Power
Development of the mental powers of higher consciousness for better focus and concentration as well as delving into the internal self to discover the Truth within us all.

Mugi Gong

Weapon Power

Weaponry or control of external objects. There are over 108 weapons in 20 different categories found within Hwa Rang Do. Ultimately, it is learning how to use any external object as a weapon.

Tae Soo Do®

"The Way of the Warrior Spirit"

The Prerequisite Undergraduate Program

Tae Soo Do is the Undergraduate Program for beginner Martial Artists.  It is designed to help understand the fundamentals, basic mechanics, and philosophies inherent in the practice of martial arts.  It is also considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do.