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The first ever Hwa Rang Do Instructional Video

The long awaited Hwa Rang Do Video Tape Series is finished and available for purchase. There are 24 videos that have been released in this first series, and topics cover many aspects of Hwa Rang Do
This series allows you to take this special art home with you, and learn about the fundamentals of training, advanced combat techniques as well as Hwa Rang Do philosophy. If you wish to order these videos you can now order online at Kixco Martial Art Supplies!

Hwa Rang History and Highlights History, Theory, and Demonstration Highlights #V1100

This tape contains the history and the theory of Hwa Rang Do®, the most comprehensive martial art in existence. Hwa Rang Do® is a traditional yet innovative martial art. The combat skills of this art were proven on the battlefield. Still today tales of the courageous Hwa Rang from ancient Korea 2000 years ago are told. They were known as the fiercest fighting sect throughout Asia. The combat skills of the Silla Hwarang were passed secretly for over 600 years in the mountains of Korea. Hwa Rang Do Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee has ever since 1960 continued to uphold this tradition teaching the public. Also this is a collection of some of the best demos throughout the decades. The highlight range from the 1960’s till present day. Here you can catch a glimpse of the vast syllabus of Hwa Rang Do®.

Hwa Rang Fundamentals of Training 1 Basic Concepts #V1101

Hwa Rang Do® is one of the most comprehensive systems in existence. This art contains all types of martial and healing skills, and this tape is the first step of many along your education in this art. Here you will be introduced to Hwa Rang Do’s® foundation of bows, stances, warm-ups,stretching, falls and basic sweeps. This tape will start you out on the right step in your education of this comprehensive art.

Hwa Rang Do Fundamentals of Training 2 Ki Power #V1102

n this tape you will begin to learn how to develop your Ki power. Ki power can be the real power behind your movements, and the martial art of Hwa Rang Do has specific concepts and exercises to help you realize this hidden power. You will learn both passive and active methods of developing your Ki and health, as well as a foundational understanding of the principles behind this force.

Hwa Rang Do Fundamentals of Training 3 Ranking System #V1103

Hwa Rang Do® has a specific path of development. These deadly combat skills have been passed secretly for the past 2,000 years in the mountains f Korea. The last Hwarang titleholder Suahm Dosa taught these skills without a specific ranking system to only two students during his lifetime. Then the Hwa Rang Do® Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee created this art’s syllabus that has been set forth since 1960 to divide the stages of growth for this comprehensive martial art. This tape contains the breakdown of the syllabus, as well as demonstrations of its ranks. Here you will learn what is really involved in Hwa Rang Do® training, from the techniques to uniforms.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Kicks 1 Basic Kicking #V1104

Hwa Rang Do’s® technical philosophy is based upon the division of Um (soft style) and Yang (hard style) principles. This includes the kicking techniques, and in this tape you will learn the basic hard style/linear kicking techniques as well as the basic soft style/circular kicking techniques of this art. This tape contains detailed explanations and demonstrations of these many basic kicks. Also included are different combination exercises to help you progress and become masters of this wide variety of 365 kicking
techniques found in Hwa Rang Do.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Kicks 2 Intermediate Kicking #V1105

This tape is the second step along the path of Hwa Rang Do’s® 365 kicks. Now that you have a foundation of the basic vocabulary of these techniques, it is time to explore more advanced combinations and applications. The situation and environment you find yourself in will determine the best possible kicking application necessary. It is must that you explore the details of these combinations and applications in order to execute these comprehensive kicking techniques effectively in any situation.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Kicks 3 Advanced Kicking #V1106

To make your kicks truly dynamic one must be able to respond to any type of environment or position your body is in when duty calls. Hard style kicking techniques are not applicable to the in-close fighting situation. Hwa Rang Do’s® 365 dynamic kicking techniques are effective in any circumstance. One cannot hesitate or waste anytime if you are in a disadvantaged position when it is time to execute a specific kick. This tape contains many kicking techniques as applied to these disadvantaged positions, such as a natural stance, kneeling, and squatting. This tape also contains the advanced techniques of the deadly 540 degree spinning kicks found in Hwa Rang Do®.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Kicks 4Low Kicks for Adults #V1107

What can you do if you do not have the ability or chance to fly high or kick to the head? No problem, Hwa Rang Do® is a comprehensive system that can deliver to all situations. This tape covers the wide variety of the low kicking techniques and applications found within the 365 Hwa Rang Do® kicks. For the law enforcement officer who has a heavily weighted equipment belt or for the adult that does not have the greatest flexibility, you can still apply these low kicking techniques to control the situation and overcome your opponent. This tape covers many of the techniques, specific striking areas, and applications of Hwa Rang Do’s® low kicks.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 1 Striking- Part 1 – Techniques #V1108

The syllabus of Hwa Rang Do® offers both hard and soft style hand-striking techniques. This video will show you all of these strikes with the proper exercises needed to develop them. Here you will learn the power and strength of the hard style techniques as well as the grace and effectiveness of the
soft style techniques. Through the natural strengths of your hands and arms combined with proper body positioning you can truly develop this incredible power of vibration, which will devastate your opponents.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 2 Striking – Part 2 – Application #V1109

Now it is time to attack your opponent with Hwa Rang Do’s® striking techniques. This tape covers the vast array of targets available to you, as you use these multitudes of techniques. Here you will witness the power and grace of these techniques as they are demonstrated on an opponent. Principles of movement will be discussed, and whether you move to the inside or the outside of your opponent there will be specific target areas open to you
in order to be victorious.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 3 Sparring Tactics – Part 1 – Basic Concepts #V1110

The martial art of Hwa Rang Do® has unique sparring rules that are used to incorporate the many different types of attacks and counters found within this art. Different than most sparring rules, the Hwa Rang Do® M.A.S.T.E.R.S. rules and guidelines allow for takedowns, and awards clean/powerful technique over sloppy technique. The techniques and principles found here will help you take the advantage in your point sparring situations, and will also provide a solid framework for your understanding of effective fighting movement.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 4Sparring Tactics – Part 2 – Advanced Tactics #V1111

For those of you interested in quick one step fighting techniques, well here you are! This tape contains some examples of Hwa Rang Do’s® One Step Sparring Techniques. This type of fighting is the first stage found within Hwa Rang Do® and is your distance fighting. Here you will learn a variety of quick and effective striking combinations, as well as some damaging takedowns. This tape is a must for those of you who looking to learn to respond with the necessary speed and results of defeating your opponent without any horseplay.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 5 Sweeps and Throws #V1112

We now arrive at the second stage of fighting. Most situations will end up on the ground, but before you land there is the most important step before the finish. That step is your in-close fighting and takedowns. This tape will introduce some of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced sweeps and throws found within the over 4,000 techniques of Hwa Rang Do®. If you want to make your opponents surrender, you must be able to set them up for your lockups. This is where your takedowns come in, and this tape will give the necessary vocabulary in getting to the ground in a manner that sets your opponent up for the final surrender.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 6Joint Manipulation #V1113

Joint manipulation is the key to defeating opponents that are bigger and stronger than you. If you are the physically weaker participant, you must learn how joints can be broken or dislocated through proper mathematical angles and principles. It does not matter what size you are, but the techniques and principles you will learn in this video will give you the advantage. This video covers many principles of joint manipulation as applied to various joints and vital points of the human body such as; finger, wrist, elbow,shoulder, and neck. The understanding of joint manipulation is the key to making your opponents surrender with a single movement.

Hwa Rang Do Explosive Fighting Skills 7 Ground Fighting #V1114

The grappling and ground fighting techniques of Hwa Rang Do are the third and final stage of fighting, and their importance cannot be overlooked.Once on the ground you must be able to make your opponent surrender. If not, they will rise and will then have the ability to defeat you. Proper lock ups are a must if you wish to truly subdue the situation, and this videotape will give you the necessary instruction. This tape covers some additional takedowns and basic to advanced ground locks, as well as the important principles of balance, positioning, and leverage. The ground fighting techniques of Hwa Rang Do are just one aspect of Hwa Rang Do’ 4,000 plus techniques.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Self-Defense 1 Defense against Punch #V1115

The punch is probably the most common of attacks, but don’t worry because there is an infinite amount of defenses and counters. From the punch one can counter with hand and foot combinations, joint manipulation, and takedowns All of these areas are discussed in this video, as well as hard and soft style blocking principles and different footwork possibilities. This is the tape that will help you learn how to get the results you want from any punching defense situation.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Self-Defense 2 Defense against Kick #V1116

In this video, you will be able to learn how to defend against the multitude of kicking attacks. There are many important principles you must master in order to effectively counter a kick. Combined with learning about the importance of distance, many of the unique hard and soft style blocking techniques found within Hwa Rang Do® are discussed. Using the most appropriate block, you will then be in position to follow up with devastating counters. This video includes striking, sweeps, throwing, joint manipulation, and takedown counters against common kicking attacks.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Self-Defense 3 Defense against Grabs – Part 1 #V1117

Fights most often begin with an initial confrontation of verbal disagreement, then a grab or push, and finally a striking match. Instead of waiting to enter a kicking or punching battle with your opponent, you have an incredible opportunity to end the confrontation swiftly when they grab or push you. From this chance, you can use the natural weaknesses of your opponent’s joints, to dislocate, break, and finally make your opponent surrender on the ground. This video covers many of the common grabs from the front such as; wrist, shoulder, lapel, and belt grabs.

Hwa Rang Do Dynamic Self-Defense 4Defense against Grabs – Part 2 #V1118

This tape is the second in the grabbing defense series. Remember when your opponent begins with a grab they create specific openings for you to counter, and most importantly they give you their joints to use to your advantage. Again using principles of joint manipulation, this tape covers various attacks from behind. Even when your opponent attacks from behind with wrist, shoulder, belt, and double hand grabs you will be able to take them down and get a submission before they even realize what has happened.

Hwa Rang Do Military Combat Skills 1 Knife Defense #V1119

Hwa Rang Do® is one of the most comprehensive combative systems in existence.Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his students have taught Hwa Rang Do’s hand to hand and weapon combat tactics to the Airborne, Force Recon, Commando Personnel, Special Forces, Ranger-UDT, and SEAL units. The syllabus of this art contains a vast array of both open hand and weapon techniques. A weapon is an extension of the body, so all of the same principles about distance, direction, and angles of attack apply to the knife defense situation. Using the principles of joint manipulation, you will be able to counter your opponent’s knife attacks and then take them down and make them surrender. This tape is essential for all peace officers and military personnel that may run into the knife attacker.

Hwa Rang Do Military Combat Skills 2Knife Fighting and Throwing #V1120

Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his students have taught Hwa Rang Do’s hand to hand and weapon combat tactics to the Airborne, Force Recon, Commando Personnel, Special Forces, Ranger-UDT, and SEAL units. If one is to continue knife training for combat, you must understand the offensive techniques as well as the defensive applications. There are countless combinations of possible cutting and stabling opportunities, and this tape will introduce the viewer to many of Hwa Rang Do’s knife fighting combative techniques.Here you will learn about the different footwork, grips, and attacks possible for the offensive knife fighter. This tape also includes details about knife throwing. If necessary, the knife can be used as an accurate projectile which will finish any confrontation. This tape is a must for those individuals who need to study the knife in an offensive manner.

Hwa Rang Do Law Enforcement Training Series1 Defense Against Gun and Low Kicking #V1121

Tactics In this day and age one must be prepared to face an attacker with a gun. This is important for any individual, but essential for today’s peace officer. Obviously one must understand the importance of timing, and then be able to respond with an effective technique at lightning speed. Once you have the chance an opportunity, you will be able to take the upper hand against your armed opponent. This tape discusses multiple gun defense situations as well as appropriate counters. Today’s officer must learn these techniques to ensure they are prepared when the armed attacker presents himself. Also included in this tape Law Enforcement kicking techniques and applications.

Hwa Rang Do® ~ Law Enforcement Training Series 2

Baton and Opponent Controlling Techniques #V1122

Today’s peace officer has the option of using their weapons, and their hands.The skills of both of these must be fully developed in order to take control and apprehend your suspects. The baton and PR24 can be a powerful tool, and the techniques shown in this video include both striking and joint manipulation techniques with your baton. For the situations when striking an individual is not the most suitable choice, you will not have to worry after learning these opponent controlling techniques and tactics. Pain is the greatest motivator, and all you have to do is use the joints of your suspect to make them stand, sit, walk, or control them and take them anywhere you want.

Hwa Rang Do Women’s Self DefenseRape Prevention Awareness and Techniques #V1123

Unfortunately this tape has become more essential in today’s society. Lurking around many corners of this world, there are evil individuals who wish to violate women. This is totally unacceptable, and today’s woman must be prepared to deal with these individuals. Even if you may not be physically stronger than your attacker, Hwa Rang Do® has specific techniques you can use to take control of the situation. This tape will help give you the confidence to deal effectively with an attacker if the situation ever arises.

Hwa Rang Do Best of Hwa Rang Do Best of Hwa Rang Do® #V1124

This amazing compilation of Hwa Rang Do highlights contains ‘ 70`s ‘ 80`s footage of spectacular demonstrations and documentaries on the masters and Martial art Hwa Rang Do founder Dr. JooBang Lee