Mental Power

Development of Mental Concentration and Alertness through disciplined regiment, enhancing better focus.  Also, the study of philosophy of martial way in order to apply its principles to everyday life.

It is the study, development, and control of the human mind in order to attain one's full potential and mental capabilities. Techniques are taught to achieve an increase in one's total awareness, focus, and concentration levels. This realm includes instruction in: controlling one's mind; extra sensory perception; development of the "sixth sense"; memory recall; understanding the natural laws of the universe; the study of human character and personalities; practical psychology; visualization; the art of concealment and stealth as utilized by special agents (Sulsa); as well as advanced, secretive applications. These powers and more lie within the potentials of every human being and can be developed and utilized through the proper training methods.


Why study Hwa Rang Do?

  1. To transform your mind, body, and spirit
  2. To become a leader, a role model for others
  3. To overcome your fears and take control of your life
  4. To learn to defend yourself against all mental and physical attacks
  5. All this - To become the best version of yourself, realizing that the true value of your life is in how much you can be of service to others

TO BECOME! Why study Hwa Rang Do? To become fully human, surrendering your fears, securing your birthright of freedom, and flourishing into one who commands without having to speak a word. That is why Hwa Rang Do. By force of will, you conquer yourself. In so doing, you become a flowering exemplar of humanity, of God’s creation.