PHILOS-YongIn the final analysis, there exist only two things – the strong and the weak. To uphold morals and honor takes much strength and courage. To fall into evil takes little effort and suffices all the excuses and doubts of the weak-minded. One must learn to stay true to the self and find a group, which most defines their beliefs. Within the human mind, there are two types of courage. One is brute courage, which resorts to violent force. This kind of barbaric courage is a human enemy because of the damage it causes to human society. The other type of courage is the courage of bravery. The ability to endure against all odds, yet stay firm to one’s convictions no matter what the cost. This kind of courage is necessary for every human society, family, and country. This is what develops the strong mentality of a human being. Without this courage, there will never be a strong country, culture, or an honorable identity. It is through this model of bravery and loyalty that human society can stand successfully against the decay of time.

It is imperative that martial art practitioners develop this strong courage. Without this courage, a weak individual will always change their attitude to sacrifice their beliefs. Therefore, under any circumstance, show your confidence and speak up about what is just! Always stand strong especially when in the presence of others, and never speak behind their backs. One of the models of strong Hwa Rang Do® courage is, “IL GEE DANG CHUN” one horsed warrior against a thousand enemies.