PHILOS-UeiRules exist within the natural universe that governs the way the universe unfolds. For every positive, there is a negative. Positive is often associated with goodness and negative as evil. However, positive and negative refers to energy or natural forces, which must both co-exist in order to create balance. The control of the responses to these natural forces determines the achievement of harmony and whether there is good or evil. Religion, society, governments, and families are all governed by their own set of rules. It is these rules that provide the framework for life to be harmonious within these specific communities. Then and only then, can one start to discover the “True Law.”

If these rules are broken, the balance of life is damaged and harmony is destroyed. As an individual member among your particular society, it is necessary to follow human morality to live an honorable life, and to further benefit the next generation. However, these moral laws are different from the laws of the land. When you break the laws of the land, one can be imprisoned and punished, but moral law is governed by honor. If one commits an act, which is morally unjust, there may be no formal punishment, but the consequences can potentially be greater. As a martial artist (a warrior), one has to be motivated by honor itself – not because of fear of punishment. “Doing right for right sake,” is what is most noble. No one, no police, no government need to discipline our action, but our own conscience. You might ask, then why should we do what is right, when there is no one to force the consequences of our actions? For honor itself.

Furthermore, there exists a greater law than the laws created by humans. For each of us, depending on our faith, it varies. However, the underlying principles of conduct are the same. It is this truth, which every individual must seek. The martial artist must constantly strive to understand these truths by continued study and self-reflection, incorporate them into their lives and uphold its value by sharing with others. The martial art is one of the last disciplines in which honor is held at such high regard and it is our duty to ensure its longevity.

One must respectfully follow the natural laws of human morality. As a member of a particular martial art society, you must also follow the laws set forth for your particular martial art. Training in a martial art is not only about the study of fighting techniques. Every martial art has specific guidelines that reflect basic principles of human morality. By following these guidelines, an individual will live harmoniously and honorably within this world. Be brave, modest, loyal, obedient, respectful, honest, and stay true to the principles of human morality. That is living justly.