PHILOS-SunGood and bad both exist in this world. But humans have a natural tendency towards good. When we are born our parents selflessly support and care for our well-being. Throughout our lives we also have teachers that dedicate their lives to the development and betterment of a positive moral mentality within us. We can understand this proper mentality because these elders give us the wisdom of their life experiences.

Of course, there exists bad within nature. For the evil and negative mind, it is easy to go against the good positive mind. This antagonistic relationship exists between the good and bad, but remember that good develops goodness and bad develops evil. Think about this, if you go to jail what will you learn? If you go to your parents and teachers what will you learn?

Even though one possesses the innate nature toward good, it is easy to fall toward evil. The evil disguises and makes it seem attractive by promises of easy life, fame, and quick fortune. However, in the end, it is using our human potential to its fullest and hard work, which ensures our success. Remember this saying, “The longest distance between two points is a short cut.”

It is imperative that you chose your friends and your place of study carefully. If you have a positive mind and you surround yourself with evil minds, it will be easy to lose your goodness. There is a saying, “Even the cleanest person thrown into a pig’s pen, will look like another pig soon after.” If you want good things to happen surround yourself with good people, if you want negative things to happen surround yourself with negative people. For the benefit of yourself and your society work in a positive manner, do selfless service, accumulate virtues, do good deeds, make good use of your knowledge, know right from wrong, give proper guidance, have good intentions, treat people kindly, have good faith, have a charitable spirit, return good actions for evil actions, and know that good will triumph over vice.

Most martial art instructors and masters are practicing and teaching their Tao of good morality. All martial arts have a good mentality. Their love is like a family that contains selfless goodness for their art’s practitioners and its identity. Even between martial arts there is fair competition for whom best teaches goodness to their art’s students and who develops the best honorable identity. Remember, a knife held in the hand of a chef is good to make delicious food, however if someone with an evil mind holds this knife it will only be used to damage other humans and destroy goodness. Martial art skills are the same as this knife.