PHILOS-JungShinIt is very important for human society that its members have a positive spirit. With a positive spirit and attitude it is possible to build anything. However, if you have a negative spirit your accomplishments will be few and far between. Positive or negative, the foundation of your mentality and heart determines the results of you actions. This perspective of positive and negative can be seen in the son who helps his parents in the garden. The son with a positive spirit sees that he is helping his parents to provide food and benefit for the family. However, the son who has a negative spirit only feels that his efforts and position is that of a slave.

If you join a group or association it is important that you have a positive spirit. That way you will complete actions that benefit the entire group. On your way to the top of the mountain, never pull your partners down. If you work in a negative manner, you and your partners will never reach the top of the mountain. On the other hand if you cooperate and help each other up in a positive manner it will be easy to reach the summit. Keep that strong positive framework, and then it will be easy to achieve your goals. Understand and feel the power of these virtues, and you will know the positive spirit. Love, forgiveness, obedience, courtesy, respect, trust, honor, loyalty, dignity, truth, duty, justice, wisdom, goodness, virtue, bravery, patience, service, responsibility, filial piety, and humanity.

This kind of spirit also applies to the martial artist. If your master or instructor follows a negative path and acts dishonorably, you must not follow his/her ways. Betrayal of your art is unacceptable, and as a student it is your duty to correct your teachers if they are following the wrong path.

The fighting skills of our arts are not everything. Instead they are a vehicle for the development of our characters and our spirits. Once you gain the knowledge of martial skills, you should understand the fragility of life. Life is a special gift and it is filled with opportunity. This realization greatly influences the positive mind. Combined with the proper spirit an individual who possesses martial knowledge, can then work in a positive manner for the benefit of your identity and your society.