PHILOS-JonKyungThe first principle of human morality is Humanity. A sense of humanity is one of the most important factors in developing your character. It is this sense that will develop your respect for life. An understanding of respect is so important because this creates the foundation of your character. This proper attitude of respect reflects an understanding of humanity, the inter-connectivity of all life, and the fragility of human life.

There are three major spheres of respect. One must have respect for yourself, respect for your parents (elders), and respect for others. Respect yourself by loving who and what you are and if there is something you do not like about yourself, then have the discipline and the courage to change yourself to be the person you want to become. “Know thyself,” is used by all great teachers and great leaders of the world. One must listen to their inner voices and know who and what you are mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Respect your parents and elders for they have given you life and nurtured your growth. Their wisdom far exceeds yours, so follow them and then take care of them. As your parents brought you into this world and sacrificed part of their life to nurture and protect, you must do the same as they grow old. Respect others by being courteous and humble. Respect is given.

Even though a person displays bad human character, find something within them, which is good, give compliment, and respect them as another human being. This respect for others can only come when one learns humility and to stop being judgmental, knowing that even you are flawed. There is also a greater social concern regarding respect. Without respect, society cannot be in balance, which will cause many civil and criminal problems. Respect is important so we can live in harmony, and create a positive society. So, Be Modest – Be Humble – Be Polite – Be Civil – Be Courteous – Be Precious – Be Just – Be Selfless – Be Responsible

Martial art practitioners must first learn how to respect and be humble because they learn the skills to make a weapon out of their bodies. These combative skills are dangerous to the public, so all martial art practitioners must develop love and respect like that of a family before they learn these dangerous skills. This respect is defined by the philosophy of basic human morality.