PHILOS-JiSocial harmony is also dependent upon wisdom. Wisdom is not only knowledge, but more importantly, it is life experience. Knowing and understanding are two different things. It is taking knowledge and applying it into life applications and discovering its true meaning and value. It is the ability to make decisions with the understanding of the past, the condition of the present, and the consequences in the future. It is making choices with the understanding that one’s actions effect humanity and the state of harmony within the universe. It is through wisdom that you will achieve a successful life. Too many people assume that they know and are too impatient to discover the truth. The search for understanding is the means of obtaining wisdom.

Of course, people who have lived longer should be wiser, but this is not always the case. A person could have lived a long time, but never really took the time to reflect on their actions or strive for understanding. A younger person who has the proper frame of mind and the patience to gain understanding could be wiser. Those who are wise do not proclaim to be so. Those who lack this wisdom speak up and make louder noise in order to cover their ignorance. All the wealth in the in the world cannot buy wisdom. It is a gift of living to those who seek it.

The martial artist is not just a fighter, but should be a student of life, striving always to better oneself in every aspect. Within this world, there is much to learn, but often humans are like a fish in a small pond. To that fish, the pond is the entire universe. However, there is much more to life outside the boarders of the pond. So if you are training in a martial art make sure it values the search for wisdom. Once you have carefully chosen the art for you, you should never give up and quit. The proper martial art contains more than just physical techniques; but tenets to live one’s life, hence, becoming a way of life. The attempt to study multiple arts is like searching for a well and digging ten one foot holes, when it would be better to find one good spot and dig one ten foot hole. Carefully search for the art you will spend your lifetime practicing, and follow that art to the highest honorable degree. That is the way of wisdom.