PHILOS-JungJikWithin human society there is a common rule of honesty. Our society can be built in a wonderful manner if it is done with an honest mind. In fact, if all humans were honest, we would not need laws. Honesty is the foundation for trustworthiness. In order to receive trust from others, one must be honest to oneself and tell the truth. Telling truths are not always an easy matter, but it is always the best way. Then, even being honest requires one to be strong. However, one must understand that there should always be consideration for time and place. What is appropriate at one time in one place is not always true at another time and place. This requires wisdom and compassion.

One should not lie because even a 1,000 lies are not worth even a single truth. In addition, one should not lie; because once you start to lie, you will find yourself covering up your original lies with more false claims and stories. However, if you put forth the truth, you will always find truth in what is given back to you.

Presently within the martial art community many falsehoods exist. Selfish egos have lead individuals to make claims, which are simply untrue. For example, there are many lies about their ranks, titles, and even years that they have practiced. In the hopes that they can gain credibility for their business, these individuals call themselves instructors, masters, and even grandmasters when they have never received these titles from anyone. Some of these individuals speak to their students about having one loyalty to their art, when they themselves have broken off and betrayed their original art. The hypocrisy that has been created by lies is disgraceful. Stay true to the ranks, titles, and positions you have truly earned. Then you will be respected by who you truly are and after all, isn’t that what we really want?