PHILOS-JaShinWhy are some individuals strong and have the ability to stand for something, while other individuals are weak and stand for nothing? Creating success and doing what is right, is a hard task. It takes many things to achieve something great, like hard work, practice, patience, etc. But, before it is possible to begin taking steps to achieve success, one must have belief.

Having conviction in your beliefs is essential to having the ability to stand by your beliefs. This conviction is your self-confidence. Without conviction or self-confidence it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to endure through the obstacles that lie in your path or even the smallest obstacles that directly confront your beliefs.

One must have strong positive emotion in order to achieve success. Negative emotion will only drown your self-confidence, leaving you with less than average results. Self confidence needs to be present in all areas of our lives in order to follow through with our true beliefs at all times. We need to have self-confidence in our social, familial, personal, and especially moral aspects of our lives. Otherwise, we will only be thinking about what we believe instead of actualizing what we believe.

As a martial artist this self-confidence is of extreme importance. Because we learn dangerous techniques we have more responsibility to know what is right and live honorably. If we cannot stand by these principles that make up our honor, then we are weak and do not deserve to be called a martial artist. This self-confidence and conviction in the principles that define honor is our foundation. We must maintain a positive and strong mind in order to better cultivate our success and our understanding of our true convictions. If you can manage this, the achievement of any goal is possible. If it is a goal related to your work, to your martial skills, to your personal life, or your family, self-confidence needs to be your starting point. Then combine this with hard work and patience, and your goals and beliefs will become a reality and you will know success.