PHILOS-HyoDoWhere did you come from? You were made from your father and grown by your mother. Remember the flower that blooms and then drops its seed to the ground. This flower then dies and gives its body and nutrients for the strength of its seed, the next generation. The same care must be given to a human’s family name. Generation after generation, parents selflessly give everything they can to their children.

Humans are different than animals. An animal grows quickly, and as soon as it can care for itself it leaves its parents and sets out on its own. Once an animal grows, it forgets its family because it lives an independent life. Humans on the other hand are weak for a long time after birth. Children need constant care and attention for many years, and the parent takes this responsibility. This is the beauty of the natural order. The purpose of this is for humans to understand the idea of interdependence. As in the Chinese character for human, which is a single line, leaning against another. This is to symbolize that humans cannot stand-alone. Because of the nature of this relationship between parent and child, we must have filial piety. A parent gives everything for the success of their child. This is not just in terms of financial or material well-being, but a parent also gives the concepts of humanity and morality to their child.

Think about how much love you have given back to your parents. If it were not for your parents you would not even exist. Think about who gave you your life, and never disobey your parents. Rich or poor, never blame your parents. If you follow their teachings in a good manner, you will never lead a bad life. All a parent wants is a better life for you. Always remember that you must be the model case. Someday you will be the parent and your children will follow your example. If you treat your parents well, then your children will treat you well. Your children learn everything you do. You can even hear the sound of your own footsteps from the sound of your child’s. That is why human morality first counts loyalty and filial piety.

The relationship between a martial art instructor and his students is the same as that of a parent and child. The same manner in which a parent instructs their child in the way of human morality, is the same manner in which a martial art instructor must teach their student. Because the instructor is teaching dangerous skills, they must maintain a relationship in which the instructor is the parent and the student is the child. An instructor and student cannot be friends, just as a father and son cannot be friends. We must maintain the proper relationship and filial duties that our position dictates. That way an honorable martial art can be passed generation-to-generation, just as the family name is passed through time.