PHILOS-HonShinHumans cannot exist and survive by themselves. This is because of the natural Um and Yang system that exists within the universe. There is harmony between a man and a woman, between child and parents, between friends, between families, and between countries and societies. Through mutual respect and cooperation humanity exists. If you think only of yourself without an understanding of humanity how can society survive? This basic morality and compassion for others is disappearing in modern society. Most individuals are thinking of themselves, but ask yourself, “If a child does not care for their parents in old age, how can they live?” If a wife and husband only think of themselves, how will their marriage last? If organizational members think only of themselves, why do they need an organization in the first place? Can any human being make anything without the cooperation of others? These are pretty simple answers. Of course selfless action and cooperation is necessary for survival and success. The other option is to act selfishly, but this kind of action will destroy the world and society.

Martial art practitioners must also understand the importance of selfless action. The skills of your art came from your founder, who themselves received them from the traditional way of passing these skills generation-to-generation. As each individual martial art teacher understands this value and helps their students to learn the same, it becomes the responsibility of each student to continue the tradition of their martial art identity. Yes, we have to make a living, but think again to yourself, are you living or surviving? The world needs good teachers who can guide them in the right path. “A teacher affects eternity.” What greater service can one offer to humanity, than to create a positive path for the youth to follow in order to preserve the traditional values of love, respect, and honor. When such selfless deeds are accomplished, the rewards maybe be unseen by the individual, but it’s affect will resonate throughout eternity.