PHILOS-GongBuEveryone within human society needs knowledge. Only then can everyone give something to the overall benefit and well-being of society. There are many areas of study that benefit the society. There is academic study, moral study, scientific study, social study, study of the arts, and study of combat skills, etc. There is a saying that can provide a framework for the martial artist, “MUN MU IL DO” – one must study equally the combination of academic and martial skills. Then you will truly develop the qualities of a warrior.

There is another saying that describes the way one must study. It is, “JEONGSHIN ILDO HASA BULSEONG,” if you have mental concentration, nothing is impossible.

The study of martial arts requires patience and a strong moral mentality. Most martial arts are proud of their own skills. Nobody can say that their style is the best, because their style has the best method for their particular techniques. However, the level of study and practice are different between individuals. Many martial arts have similar skills in their beginning levels, and differ in variety in their advanced training. Presently there are many people who spend a short time studying multiple styles. If a person studies 5 different martial arts for a two year period each, would they be better than someone who spent the same amount of time, 10 years, studying one martial art? The answer is no, because the person who only studied one art would have learned the basic and the deeper level of advanced techniques.

The study of multiple martial arts for short periods is like licking the surface of a watermelon. Doing this you will never know what delicious fruit lies within. Train hard and do not lie about how long you have trained. Some people say they have trained for ten years, but they have only trained once a week or once every other week for that time period. Others may have only trained for 3 years, but have studied six days a week. Who do you think has real knowledge? Do not be deceived by the amount of time people profess to have studied. Count their ranks and titles, and where they received them. That is why martial arts have ranking systems. Your honor and your position is reflected in the actions you have completed. The position you have is what you deserve. Never lie about who you truly are. Do not be lazy, know what you have done, know who you are, and know who you want to be. Then all you need to do is practice and study hard to achieve the results you desire.