PHILOS-ChekImEvery human has the potential for greatness. However, humans also make many mistakes. That is our natural order. That is also, why human society has morals for people as well as laws. As a component of human society we also have responsibility. All of us are a part of a family, a group of friends, a company, a community, and a country. All of these different aspects of our lives define our position among the world. At the same time, we must also know what responsibilities are required of us, depending on what our position is. No matter what position we have, responsibility is required of us and if we forget this responsibility, human society will fall into disharmony and be destroyed. All people have commitments to others, at work, to friends, and to our families. This is a part of our daily lives, and these commitments are big, small, and everything in between. However, they are all-important and cannot be forgotten. That is our responsibility.

It is our duty to fulfill our responsibilities and be accountable for our actions. When people achieve success, it is very easy for most of us to say that it was “I” who was responsible for that success. However, when we make mistakes, it is hard for us and often brings great pain to say that “I” was responsible. This is something that everyone feels, but even though it is hard we must be responsible and accept the consequences.

Martial artists must really be responsible because their knowledge can cause great harm. Once you learn the skills that can injure or kill others, they cannot be used at whim. As well as teaching martial skills it is the responsibility of martial art instructors and masters to teach human morality. In addition, as well as teaching it, they themselves must act and follow these teachings. Otherwise, they are making a weapon out of their students that have no restraint. This will cause great harm to other students, themselves, and the rest of society.

For example, a martial art has the founder’s philosophy. Combined with this are various rules and regulations that govern the management, quality, and overall way that particular martial art is identified. Masters and instructors must promise and swear their commitment to these principles of the art. However, there are always people who make this commitment and then do not follow through with their responsibilities and break their oaths. These people turn their backs on their martial art’s responsibilities. Once this happens, how can a student with an honorable character follow these kinds of “instructors?” If we act in a manner that disregards our martial art responsibilities, then we are really destroying our martial art’s identity.

Without this moral responsibility the martial art society will turn into a group of gangsters. It will only be about street fighting and human moral responsibilities will disappear. This will cause the public to disrespect the martial art community and create a bad reputation for our wonderful martial art identities. We must constantly discover and then fulfill our responsibilities. This requires reflection into the truth of our positions, as well as acceptance of our actions. Only then will we be able to realize what our responsibilities are, and be able to act honorably.