PHILOS-BongSaHuman society relies upon human service. It is service that makes a better and strong family, community, society, country, and the world. Every human has his/her own specialty. This specialty can be natural or developed through training. Either way, there is something unique that every individual has to offer this world. Of course, these specialties are used to create your livelihood and personal success, but there is another use for these specialties, and that is in service. Volunteer service is very important to help the growth of others, your family, your society, and your country. Our specialties are for filling a space among this world and we must do our best to serve this space honorably.

If you only use your specialty for your own success the world can never be built better or stronger. That is why we must serve others. Human beings have the potential for love and selflessness without the motivation of money to direct them. Using your specialty in this manner is what volunteering means. An individual can do service for your god, service for family, service for community, service for society, service for country, and service for the world. All of these types of service are needed for yourself, as well as others, in order to have respect for human morality.

Martial art service is like familial service. If you love your martial art, then you should help each other and share your specialty. It is important to have positive emotion, not negative. Only through a positive way can you build yourself and your art. So under one art’s organization all black belts, instructors, and masters need to volunteer their services and specialties in order to selflessly build their art. That way, their art’s name will be greatly respected by the public and society, and their honor will pass from generation to generation, forever. Furthermore, service and selflessness is what is most noble.