Giuseppe Morelli


Eu Liaison / Fund Raising

I am an experienced manager in the banking service industry. My experience encompasses people management, leadership development, client services, product management, revenue growth and cost reduction. Working under pressure while maintaining excellent and trustworthy relationships with every stakeholders has always been a constant challenge in my day-to-day operations, requiring to be always calm and focused.


In 2019, moved by the desire to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives in some of the most marginalized areas of the world, I relocated to the outskirts of Nairobi, to provide a group of talented youths with the relevant theoretical and practical skills to demand and defend the human rights of their community.


I started practicing Tae Soo Do® in January 2014, in Luxembourg. The study of this art requires great levels of discipline, focus, commitment and resilience. Since I started my practice, my life has changed in many ways. I feel more self-confident, committed and determined in all I do. I feel that my ability to ‘read’ the situation and apply the appropriate response has
improved greatly.


"Mindfulness cannot be a sporadic exercise, but it is a way of living." From our Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.


After almost four years of practice I obtained the Tae Soo Do® black belt in June 2017 and I have embraced the challenges of teaching this beautiful art. Teaching gives me the unique opportunity of transforming the students’ lives, while at the same time it pushes me to always improve.


I am currently the President of the Hwa Rang Do & Tae Soo Do club in Luxembourg, under the direct leadership of Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.