Dr. Janet Lee


Secretary General

Dr. Janet Lee has been a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Asian Medicine for over 30 years. Daughter of the founder of Hwa Rang Do, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, she has been working for the WHRDA for over 38 years which makes her a great fit as the Secretary General.

Dr. Lee was appointed by the State of California Acupuncture Licensing Board to be an Associate Chief Examiner. She was also directly involved with developing the writing and practical examination. 

She has treated patients ranging from movie stars, professional athletes, famous musicians, Western MDs, to the grandmother down the street, all with the same level of personal attention.

Through the many years of working side-by-side with World Hwa Rang Do Association, Dr. Lee has built a global reputation as an expert of healing sports injuries. Her knowledge of Acupuncture combined with comforting bed-side manners prove to be an effective combination. First time patients find her warm, caring personality and character to be especially comforting while facing the prospect of so many needles. It doesn’t take long for Dr. Lee to change skeptical patients into life-long believers in Acupuncture.