Master Dylan Sirny


VIce President

Master Dylan Sirny began his Hwa Rang Do training when the UW – Eau Claire club was initially founded. Understanding some of the many benefits Hwa Rang Do has to offer, he transferred to the Midwest Headquarters in Madison to pursue his education further in this art. This is where he was trained by Master David Kijek and also began assisting and teaching classes. While assisting in the growth of the Madison schools, he continued his education at UW – Madison where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies.


Soon after, he was fortunate enough to receive a special apprenticeship program at the Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters, with the Founder of this art, Dr. Joo Bang Lee. This was a truly unique and awesome opportunity, in which he was groomed as the head instructor of the dojang and administrator for some of the activities of the WHRDA. While there, he was educated in the traditional Way of the martial arts as well as its physical techniques by this art’s founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, and his eldest son Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.


While enjoying the many seasons of Minnesota (yes, including winter) and activities like music, camping, and windsurfing, his heart is connected and committed to instructing Hwa Rang Do. He has taught in summer school programs, with football teams, at local schools and churches, numerous corporations, and presented various demonstrations around the region. He is currently a 5th Degree Black Sash, Vice-President for the World Hwa Rang Do Association, and is the master instructor and owner of the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis, MN Academy where he continues to work on teaching the principles of this art to the next generation of practitioners.