The World Hwa Rang Do Association, on behalf of it’s Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee and President, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee want to express our deepest gratitude to our 2014 donors and volunteers, listed below. You made incredible programs, such as training scholarships for under-privileged youths, free public self-defense classes and after school programs for at risk youth in the US, possible.

Dr. Joo Bang Lee (Dojoo Nim of Hwa Rang Do)
Mr. Joo Sang Lee (Kuksun Nim of Hwa Rang Do)
Mrs. Jackie Lee (Hwa Rang Do HQ Admin)
Mr. Tae-Joon Lee (Kuksa Nim of Hwa Rang Do)
Dr. John Marcus (The Morris Foundation)
Dr. Janet Lee & Mr. Danny Kim (Secretary General of WHRDA)
Mr. David Kijek & Mr. Charles Dean & Mr. Billie Buss
Mr. Dylan Sirny (Director of Operations of WHRDA)
Mr. William Wright (Treasurer of WHRDA)
Mr. Fernando Ceballos (Director of Marketing & PR of WHRDA)
First Giving (
Mr. Karl Kutz
Mr. Mon Chia Tsai

Hwa Rang Do’s charitable efforts to date include fundraising for organizations including Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Juvenile Diabetes Association, plus an international humanitarian trip. In August of 2009, a team from Hwa Rang Do’s Italian Branch went to Angola to work with the children of Lixeira, a city built entirely on top of a garbage dump. The poorest of the poor in the world live there. The trash surrounding them serves as their source for supplies, tools, food, and regrettably even water. This operation marked the beginning of a broader mission by the World Hwa Rang Do Association to bring the gift of self-empowerment to those with the greatest needs – both domestically and globally.

The WHRDA has set in motion a 24 month plan which will

  1. develop its internal organization and infrastructure
  2. engage in community-based & humanitarian efforts and
  3. develop a professional instructor program to help & support committed individuals have successful careers in the martial arts

Already under way are fundraising efforts to establish 50 martial arts training scholarships for individuals & children whom cannot afford enrolling in a quality martial arts training program.

Specifically, these scholarship would be for at-risk inner city youth, low income individuals and returning military veterans whom may want to train as a form of personal therapy or possibly enroll in our instructor program leading towards a career in the martial arts.