Hwa Rang Do ® World Tour – 2010
Special Seminars with Grandmaster TaeJoon Lee

Coming to a city near you soon!

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee will once again be traveling to many of the Hwa Rang Do dojangs and clubs to conduct intensive training seminars. Many of the details of our art ranging from a large variety of topics will be covered at these seminars. You will be able to learn the concepts of grappling, full-contact application, knife fighting, gun disarmament, hand and foot techniques, joint manipulation, hand and foot tactics, and many other subjects. Topics vary per location so check below for more information as updates are made in the months to come.

It should also be mentioned that these seminars are open to all levels of students, as well as the general public and other martial artists. If you are interested in attending just contact the correct person listed and you will be welcome. If you are interested in hosting a seminar (HRD or any martial art school operator), simply contact Grandmaster Lee for further information: email – yooshinkim@aol.com These events are tremendously educational and inspirational for all participants. You are sure to come away from the event filled with a ton of details of this extremely comprehensive, dynamic, and effective martial art.

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Seminar Locations, Dates, & Topics:

March 6& 7: Minnesota Seminars (Minneapolis, MN)

Contact Inst. Dylan Sirny or 612-824-KICK (5425)
or CLICK HERE for full details and registration forms

Saturday March 6th

KIDS: Little Tigers & Juniors (Proper Kicking)
Grappling: Takedowns
Grappling: Chaining & Combinations
Grappling: Escapes & Counters

7:30pm Saturday Night: Group Dinner with family & friends, all are welcome!

Sunday March 7th

Gumtoogi: Hwejun (Spinning) Attacks with Ssanggum & Janggum
Gumtoogi: Ssanggum vs. Janggum (Twin Swords vs. Long Sword)
Bongtoogi: Hwejun (Spinning) Attacks, plus Jangbong vs. Ssangbong

July 29 to August 8 – 50th Annivesary & HRD World Gathering


Hwa Rang Do Anniversary

October 2 & 3 : Madison Seminars (Madison, WI)

Contact Master David Kijek or 608-249-4606

Fall 2010: Mexico Seminars (Leon, Mexico)

Contact Instructor Victor Garcia

More dates to be announced soon!

—Check back later to see the full schedule and full list of topics—