Inner Power (Internal Energy)- Ki Power

It deals with one’s internal energy (Ki power) development, control and direction. Through both passive (um) and active (yang) methods. Ki power  development is taught via specialized breathing and meditation exercises in conjunction with specific physical exercises. The practitioner learns to develop, harness, and apply this human energy resources at will. Initially studied for health purposes and for use in the battlefield; at more advance levels this power can be controlled in conjunction with mental processes and can be extended from one individual to another for healing as well as combative applications. This internal energy is found in all living creatures, yet in the disciplined study of Hwa Rang Do® one can learn to develop this power for truly outstanding displays of human energy and will, extending previously conceived limitations to unlimited possibilities.

There are five different senses of Ki which can be developed after you practice Hwa Rang Do’s® Ki (power) development exercises:

Kyung Ki  – making the body light
Jung Ki  – making the body heavy
Chyel Ki  – making the body hard as steel
Ma Ki  – making the body numb
Shin Ki  – increasing mental concentration and awareness


Why study Hwa Rang Do?

  1. To transform your mind, body, and spirit
  2. To become a leader, a role model for others
  3. To overcome your fears and take control of your life
  4. To learn to defend yourself against all mental and physical attacks
  5. All this - To become the best version of yourself, realizing that the true value of your life is in how much you can be of service to others

TO BECOME! Why study Hwa Rang Do? To become fully human, surrendering your fears, securing your birthright of freedom, and flourishing into one who commands without having to speak a word. That is why Hwa Rang Do. By force of will, you conquer yourself. In so doing, you become a flowering exemplar of humanity, of God’s creation.