The name Hwa Rang Do® is internationally trademarked and we have the registered right to protect our name throughout the world. The word and characters of the Korean term Hwarang (화랑 花郎) are generic in nature. The term Hwarang can thus be used in other business contexts (e.g., a restaurant, sports team, or store). But it cannot be used by any other martial art instructional business. However, the word and characters in the martial art name Hwa Rang Do (화랑도 花郎道) are related to a specific martial art identity founded by Dr. Joo Bang Lee. Because the name of a martial art is the representation of a specific martial art instructional business identity, the name Hwa Rang Do cannot be used for any other martial art style’s identification. Examples of illegal use of our identity’s name are, Hwarang, Hwarangdo, Hwarang musool, Hwarang muye, Hwarang mudo or in combination with another martial art names such as Hwarang Tae Kwon Do, Hwarang Hapkido, etc.

It should also be noted that Hwa Rang Do never gives permission to use an individual’s personal name with the Hwa Rang Do name. The titles of our academies use only the name of the city of the school added to the name Hwa Rang Do. For example, schools are called Hwa Rang Do Academy of Madison, WI, or Hwa Rang Do Club of Portland, OR. Similar to the names of our academies, all other countries use the name of their country as a chapter of the World Hwa Rang Do Association (e.g., Korean chapter of the World Hwa Rang Do Association). We have this rule to protect our art from those who were expelled by breaking the rules of our tradition or who have damaged our strong sense of family and who do not respect martial art loyalty and act in ways that damage the reputation and integrity of our art’s name. If you need any details about our rules and laws please check out our rules and bylaws. In this way we ensure that there is only one governing organization for Hwa Rang Do throughout the entire world. This organization is controlled by the Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters which is located in Tustin, California.

The history of Hwa Rang Do is very unique, and the introduction of its concepts and techniques to the public is the result of one man’s vision. Our art’s founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee, is the one and only source of this system in the world, and without him nobody would know these skills. Nobody was even using the martial art name Hwa Rang Do before him. Please keep this in mind as you read this history, because the tradition of this martial art follows the traditional ways of a martial art. This means that principles of human morality are extremely important to its practitioners. Principles such as honor, loyalty, respect, and duty are the integral components that create the quality and integrity of our martial art.  That is why there is one governing organization in the world of our martial art, the World Hwa Rang Do Association and the one Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters. It is this organization and world headquarters that certifies all schools, masters, and instructors and creates policies that ensure our identity is not dishonored. In keeping with this the World Hwa Rang Do Association has registered an international trademark and copyright of our martial art Hwa Rang Do, which means any aspect of our art cannot be used without permission. This includes our name, techniques, uniforms, concepts, etc. Another important act of this association is that we post all certified schools, black sashes, instructors, masters, and their ranks on our web site. This way the public throughout the world can know if a particular individual’s claim about rank is earned and true. If someone makes the claim that they are a Hwa Rang Do
instructor and they are not on this listing or do not have our founder’s certification, they are a liar. So please check first before you train. If you want to join our Hwa Rang Do family please contact the Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters and we will direct you to the best option for training in this art.