This past August/September, on the cover of Black Belt Magazine and featured article, Hwa Rang Do®’s Grandmaster Taejoon Lee spoke publicly for the first time about it’s unique 2-day martial arts decathlon, which is their World Championships!

For the past 50 years, no martial arts venue, tournament or sport has been able to capture the full breath of what was possible with a martial arts curriculum consisting of over 4,000 techniques. So over the past 20 years, Hwa Rang Do®, sought out to create its own!

Since 2010, Hwa Rang Do®’s World Championships has consisted of 10 separate tournaments in the categories of forms, weapon forms, point fighting, grappling and various categories in sword fighting and stick fighting.

Each year, the champion was crowned based on their overall performance in ALL tournament categories, not only testing their skill, but their endurance and spirit as well.

These are the highlights of the:

Gumtoogi (Sword Fighting) Black Sash Jang-gum (Long Sword Only), All Gum-ryu (Sword Types) Divisions…

AND Bongtoogi (Stick Fighting) Black Sash Jangbong (Long Staff Only) and All Bong-ryu (All Stick Types) Division…

We hope you enjoy these new exciting weapon fighting sports.

This is not kendo/kumdo – this in Hwa Rang Do® GUMTOOGI and BONTOOGI!

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