Last month in Las Vegas, Hwa Rang Do 8th Dan Black Sash, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee spoke to a room of over 300 entrepreneurs on how to create a purpose driven career and life.

His talk was based on some ground breaking realizations and methods he’s developed over the past 40 years, which has helped his students dramatically increase their performance & results in the martial arts, businesses and personal lives.

Entrepreneurs in attendance invested up to $1,500 to be at the event. However, this message is so powerful, Grandmaster Lee has convinced the organizers of the event to make this recording available to the public for free on

We hope you enjoy the content and if you’d like to work more closely with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee in person, we invite you to enroll and participate in this year’s Hwa Rang Do Summer Seminars in Madison, Wisconsin on July 27 – Aug 1st.

On Monday, July 27th of the Seminars, Grandmaster Lee will be holding an Interactive Session at 6pm for all students, parents and friends of Hwa Rang Do to discuss the ideas and methods described in the video above, more deeply.

You can view the entire seminar schedule here and you can register for seminars here. (Public may choose the ‘Color Belt/Sash’ Option for enrollment).

If you have any questions, you may email for assistance or information.

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