"Comparative Styles Vs. A Reverse Front Kick"
March, 1992 Issue

(1) Opponent Scott Hults prepares to throw a reverse front kick.

(2) As he does so, Lee steps in with his right foot and catches the opponent's kicking foot underneath his calf with his left arm.

(3) He applies a right elbow strike to the opponent's thigh right above his knee.

(4) Right leg steps in front of opponent's support leg and grabs the opponent underneath his left arm around his waist.

(5) Lee steps in a circular motion towards his back with his left leg to gain momentum for the sweep.

(6) Kicking up opponent's support leg causes the takedown coupled with the momentum gained from step (5).
(7) As opponent falls to ground, Lee maintains control of opponent's leg.
(8) The finish technique is a punch to the groin (yet many other finishes can be applied such as a leg lock, elbow strike, or foot stomp).

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