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Hwa Rang Do® History and Information
Sulsa - the Original Korean "Ninja"

Michael Echanis
Training Tips
Acupuncture, Accupressure, Healing Arts
Hwa Rang Do® Technique Series

Hwa Rang Do History and Information
Pictures and other material of Hwa Rang Do between 1960 and 1969
5th National Hwa Rang DoŽ Tournament and Exhibition cover (November 1972)
HwarangdoŽ: Concentration Power For Martial Artists Ki power, Korean Bushido Code (Black Belt Magazine January 1977)
Hwarangdo: Its Korean History And Introduction To America (Black Belt Magazine
, January 1977)
Hwarang-DoŽ: Ancient Korean Art of Curing and Killing (Kick Illustrated, June 1981)
Hwarang-Do'sŽ New Generation on Developing Poise, Self-Confidence, and Pride (Kick Illustrated, January 1984)
The 20th Century Prisoners: Knights of Present Longing for Warrior Past (Inside Kung-Fu Magazine, April 1986)
Hwa Rang DoŽ: Preserving a Past, Present, and Future (Dojang Magazine, Winter 1995)
Do Joo Nim's New Millennium Message
Exclusive Interveiw with Hwa Rang DoŽ Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee regarding the art and Korean history, part I (Black Belt Magazine, September 2000)
Exclusive Interveiw with Hwa Rang DoŽ Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee regarding the art and Korean history, part II (Black Belt Magazine, October 2000)
Exclusive Interveiw with Hwa Rang DoŽ Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee regarding the art and Korean history, part III (Black Belt Magazine, November 2000)

- the Original Korean "Ninja"

Warriors of the Night (Black Belt Magazine, June 1977), Michael Echanis
Korea's Flowering Knights (The Best of Black Belt Ninja 1984 - (First Issue))
Predators in War, Protectors in Peace. Korea's Legendary Sulsa (Fighting Stars Magazine, October 1985), Master Henry TJ Lee
The Invincible Sulsa Warriors: Ninja of a Different Kind (Black Belt Magazine, June 1986), Master Henry TJ Lee

Michael Echanis

America’s Special Forces Learn Ancient Guerilla Tactics: HwarangdoŽ expert Mike Echanis prepares a military elite (Black Belt Magazine, January 1977)
Warriors of the Night A new breed of American warrior springs from the traditions of Hwa Rang DoŽ (Black Belt Magazine, June 1977)
Mike Echanis - A Modern Master of Ancient Skills (Soldier of Fortune, September 1977)
The Black Berets of HwarangdoŽ (Black Belt Magazine, September 1978)
In Memoriam: Tribute to a Professional Warrior - Michael Echanis (Soldier of Fortune, February 1979)


Turn Off Your Mind To Turn Off Pain (Probe Magazine, December 1972)
HwarangdoŽ: Concentration Power For Martial Artists (Black Belt Magazine, January 1977)
The Theory of Ki Power In Hwarangdo (Black Belt Magazine, January 1977)
HwaRangDoŽ ~ The Fire Power of Ki (Black Belt Magazine, January 1979 '78 Yearbook)
The Power of KI! It's Real, and You Can Develop It Says Hwarang-DoŽ (Black Belt Magazine, March 1988)

Training Tips

Partner Training (Inside Kung Fu, March 1988)
Flip Out: Agility & Acrobatic Tips for Martial Artists (Martial Arts Training, Summer 1988)

Acupuncture, Accupressure, Healing Arts
The Ancient Techniques of Acupressure (Black Belt Magazine, November, 1977)

Dan Gum: The Knife (Fighting Knives Magazine, Summer 1992)
Hwa Rang Do's Awesome Weapons Arsenal (Inside Tae Kwon Do, February 1993)

Hwa Rang Do
® Technique Series

Hwarangdo's Self Defense Against Armed Attackers (Black Belt Magazine, May 1981)
Comparative Styles: Vs. A Reverse Front Kick (Inside Tae Kwon Do Magazine, March, 1992)
Comparative Styles: Vs. A Lapel Grab (Inside Tae Kwon Do Magazine, April, 1992)




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