"Comparative Styles Vs. A Lapel Grab "
April 1992 Issue


1) Opponent Scott Hults grabs Lee by the lapel.
(2)Lee grabs the opponent's right hand with his right hand.
(3) With his left foot, he steps 45-degrees forward as he tucks the opponent's arm inside his armpit.
(4) Lee applies an armbar breaking the opponent's elbow and wrist.

5) Lee now switches his grip with his left hand.
(6) Inset - close up on grip switch (the thumb must be on top of the opponent's hand and the rest of the fingers hold the inside part of the palm.
(7) Step back diagonally with left foot to original position.
(8) Applying pressure with both hands upon the wrist causing opponent to fall to the ground.

(9) Elbow lock is applied with right knee on the back of the arm as you pull up against the knee.
(10) Finish with a strike to the face as you hold the elbow lock.

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