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Black Belt Magazine
May 1981

Hwarangdo's Self Defense Against Armed Attackers

Supreme Grandmaster (DoJoo Nim):

Dr. JooBang Lee

Kick Illustrated
June 1981

Hwarang-Do®: Ancient Korean Art of Curing and Killing
Supreme Grandmaster
( DoJoo Nim):
Dr. JooBang Lee

Kick Illustrated
January 1984

Hwarang-Do's® New Generation on Developing Poise, Self-Confidence, and Pride

Hwa Rang Do®:
Master Henry TJ Lee

Fighting Stars Magazine
October 1985

Predators in War, Protectors in Peace. Korea's Legendary Sulsa

HwaRangDo® :
Henry TJ Lee

Inside Kung-Fu Magazine
April 1986

The 20th Century Prisoners: Knights of Present Longing for Warrior Past

Hwa Rang Do®:
Master Henry TJ Lee

Black Belt Magazine
June 1986

The Invincible Sulsa Warriors: Ninja of a Different Kind

HwaRangDo® :
Master Henry TJ Lee

Black Belt Magazine
March 1988

The Power of KI! It's Real, and You Can Develop It Says Hwarang-Do®

HwaRangDo® :
DoJooNim &
Master John Huppuch


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Summer, 1988 - Martial Arts Training - "Flip Out: Agility & Acrobatic Tips for Martial Artists"
March, 1988 - Inside Kung Fu - "Partner Training"
1984 - (First Issue) The Best of Black Belt Ninja - "Korea's Flowering Knights"

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